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N. P. Ogarev: “The word and music are a multifaceted palette...”


Voronina N. I.



210 years have passed since the birth of Nikolay Platonovich Ogarev (1813 — 1877). Research on the Russian poet and publicist is numerous: philosophical, economic, political, art, literary, historical, etc. In a new dimension, Ogarev’s appearance to the cultural world is like a revelation. This is very important, because in the history of culture he most often appeared only as a “shadow of Herzen”. The most important thing about him is not said. The mystery of his personality is himself. Our task is to deideologize him, to present him in all his many faces, restoring the figure of the great “visionary” and to reveal his attitude to music, which was so deep that today it allows us to talk about him as a musician of “high standard”. Ogarev loved art and wanted to understand its essence, to establish its place in the surrounding reality and in human life, he reflected on the further development of not only literature, theater, painting and sculpture, but also music, having managed to enrich the Russian thought about music of the XIX century. Besides, he composed plays and romances, played the piano quite complex compositions by Ludwig van Beethoven, Frédéric Chopin, Robert Schumann and organized quartet evenings in his house, etc. The wide and diverse possibilities of music are considered in the article. The “multifaceted palette” of the word and music became a kind of symbolism in Ogarev’s poetry, weaving into the artistic texture. Melodic turns and tempo changes “sound” expressively, sometimes as in a symphony, turning into conceptual contrasting statements.


Keywords: N. P. Ogarev, art, aesthetics, music, word, genre, artistic expressiveness, form, rhythm, intonation, melodism


For citation: Voronina NI. N. P. Ogarev: “The word and music are a multifaceted palette...”. Center and Periphery. 2023;18(3):74—79. EDN ZSWGBT




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Natalia I. Voronina, Professor of Department of Cultural Studies and Library and Information Resources; Director of the M. M. Bakhtin Center of the National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University (68 Bolshevistskaja Str., Saransk 430005, Russia), Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor, ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6821-828X, Researcher ID: 1060-2020, kafkmgu@mail.ru


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