Rules for publication of scientific papers in the journal “Centre and Periphery”


  The present rules determine the procedure for interaction between the authors of scientific papers, the editorial board of the journal and reviewers, as well as regulate the process of publication of scientific papers.

  1. A copy of the manuscript thoroughly proofread and formatted in accordance with the Rules for submission of the manuscripts to the journal “Centre and Periphery”, is sent to the executive editor of the journal in printed (1 copy) and electronic form.

  2. The submitted manuscript is recorded in the register with the indication of the date of receipt, title, name of the author(s). It is assigned a unique registration number.

  3. All manuscripts received by the editorial board are subject to peer review in accordance with the Procedure for reviewing of the manuscripts, submitted to the journal “Centre and Periphery” for the purpose of expert evaluation.

  4. After the manuscript has been reviewed, the editorial board makes decision whether it should be published when discussing the contents of the next issue of the journal. The executive editor informs the author and puts the date of publication. The order and priority of publication of the manuscript are determined depending on the significance and relevance of the scientific problem, as well as on the volume of published materials and a list of sections in each particular issue.

 5. If the manuscript is recommended for publication in the next issue of the journal, the editorial board and the author enter into a license agreement to provide the editors a non-exclusive right of the author to use a scientific paper.

 6. The manuscript is edited and proofread. The version of the manuscript finally prepared for publication is submitted to the author (authors) for approval, the edition is laid out into pages and sent to the printers for publishing.