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Umbo-like noisy pendants in the Prikamye costume of the Х — XI centuries


Krylasova N. B.



At the turn of the I — II millennium AD bronze noisy umbo-like pendants were widespread on the territory of the Permian Urals. They emerged in the second half of the Х century, and at the end of the XI century, when there was a change of archaeological cultures, they fell out of use. These cast items were a convex umbo, ornamented with concentric circles, supplemented with triangular rays on the top, equipped with oval loops for noisy pending paws at the bottom; on the back of the umbo is a loop for pulling the belt. These pendants have no origins in the local material culture, and, most likely, were copied from similar ornaments of the Volga Finns, who used them for the decoration of leather footwear. It is possible to find out how these ornaments were used by the people on the territory of the Perm Region of the Middle Ages thanks to the materials of the Rozhdestvensky burial ground, where three manners of using umbo-like pendants in women’s costume were recorded: as part of belt sets, for the decoration of belt bags and decorations of leather footwear. They usually made up sets of 3 — 5 items (with the largest one in the middle), strung on a leather strap. The use of umbo-like pendants, including for footwear decoration, makes it possible to assume that the Prikamye population was in close interaction with the inhabitants of the Volga region and partly followed their “fashion” trends (as far as this notion is applicable to the Middle Ages). The conformity of decorations under consideration indicates that they were products of local mass craft production.


Keywords: the Perm Region, archaeology, the Middle Ages, umbo-like noisy pendants, women’s costume, belts, belt bags, footwear


Funding: the research was carried out as part of the state assignment (topic registration number АААА-А19-119032590066-2) and it was funded by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project No. 20-49-590001 р_а — the Perm Region).


For citation: Krylasova NB. Umbo-like noisy pendants in the Prikamye costume of the Х — XI centuries. Center and Periphery. 2023;18(4):18—25. EDN SLIFPU




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Natalya B. Krylasova, Principal Researcher of the Institute of Humanitarian Studies of the Perm Federal Research Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (13a Lenin Str., Perm 614990, Russia), Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2032-8292, Researcher ID: AAZ-7638-2020, Scopus ID: 18042259600, n.krylasova@mail.ru


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