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The first voivodes of Atemar


Kochetkov V. D.



The article is devoted to the first Atemar voivodes, princes S. I. Kozlovsky and F. P. Baryatinsky. When considering their activities, special attention is paid to the construction and organization of the functioning of the Atemar-Saransk abatis line. Based on a significant source base that includes mainly archival materials the main milestones of their biography are considered in the article, as well as the most important stages of their state and administrative activities. Archival documents and published sources related to the biographies of the first voivodes made it possible to clarify information about the construction of the first towns on the territory of Mordovia. According to them, it is known now that Prince S. I. Kozlovsky arrived in the Alatyr district in Atemar in the late spring of 1639, and the fortress in Atemar and forts in Inzer, Saransk, Shechkeev were built already in 1640. This fact changes the prevailing idea of the date of foundation of Saransk.


Keywords: archive, document, abatis line, voivode, rampart, fortress, fort, Atemar, Saransk


For citation: Kochetkov VD. The first voivodes of Atemar. Center and Periphery. 2023;18(4):26—31. EDN RFUDXZ





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Valery D. Kochetkov, Candidate of Historical Sciences (Cheboksary 428018, Russia), vkoch51@mail.ru


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