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The problems of activating the fading forms of traditional folk culture


Yurchenkova N. G.



In modern society, the problems of preserving traditional folk culture are relevant, since the extinction of folk traditions in their natural existence is an objective historical reality. Such methods and techniques of activating the fading forms of traditional folk culture as reconstruction and stylization are analyzed in the article. It is concluded that folklore reconstructions as a way of activating the fading forms of traditional folk culture are still at the stage of formation, therefore it is early to draw any conclusions, but the existing positive experience can already be recommended for use. The skillful apply of the method of artistic stylization allows professional art to include the reworked elements of traditional culture into the context of modern mass culture and achieve the diversity and expressiveness of the artistic product. Applying various methods of activating the fading forms of traditional folk culture, it is necessary to rest on reliable sources: ethnographic studies, archival documents, including audio and photographic materials, scientific works and other authentic sources.


Keywords: the Mordvins, national costume, folk culture, reconstruction, stylization, holidays, traditions, folklore, Mordovian wedding


For citation: Yurchenkova NG. The problems of activating the fading forms of traditional folk culture. Center and Periphery. 2023;18(4):40—46. EDN GSWPXP




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Information about the author:

Nina G. Yurchenkova, Professor of Department of Humanitarian and Special Disciplines of the Middle Volga Institute (branch) of All-Russian State University of Justice (6 Fedoseenko Str., Saransk 430003, Russia), Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6167-738X, nina-saransk@mail.ru


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The article was submitted 28.08.2023; approved after reviewing 28.09.2023; accepted for publication 02.10.2023.