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Ethnocultural Traditions in the Decorative Ornamentation of the Porch of the Komi-Zyryan Hut


Nekrasov R. V.



The scientific review summarizes the results of studies of traditional Komi-Zyryan architecture of the late XIX — first half of the XX centuries (L. S. Gribova, V. N. Belitzer, L. N. Zherebtsov, V. B. Koshaev, I. N. Shurgin, T. I. Chudova, etc.), in the context of the analysis of the design and carved wooden decoration of the porch of the dwelling. Based on the research of I. N. Shurgin, a prototype of the following typical structural modifications of the porch is illustrated. In a compartment with the author’s field materials, the role of the elements of the entrance group in the perception of the image of the Komi-Zyryan house is indicated, characteristic types of the porch with their stable design features are presented. Illustrative examples of a single-column porch are given and its architectural structure in design, technological, artistic and aesthetic aspects is analyzed in detail. Such details of the porch as support pillars, a flight of stairs, elements of the base of the platform, partitions, ramps, streams, chickens, pediment, crevices, as well as the nature of the decoration are considered. Distinctive ethnic preferences in design and artistic flat (frontal) and three-dimensional plastic compositions with a stable symbolic figurative content are revealed. Special attention is paid to the analysis of the artistic carved design of wooden pillars of the porch roof common in the wooden architecture of the Republic of Komi. It is concluded that the laconic specificity of the nature of the outlines of the Zyryan figurative motifs in the architectural decor of the porch is hidden, on the one hand, in the deep mytho-poetic representations of the Komi-Zyryans, on the other hand, due to the artistic techniques of processing tree species, which for centuries have been perfected and cultivated by folk craftsmen in aesthetic and ethnic traditions.


Keywords: traditional art culture, architectural composition of the porch, wood processing technology, means of harmonizing the artistic form

For citation: Nekrasov RV. Ethnocultural Traditions in the Decorative Ornamentation of the Porch of the Komi-Zyryan Hut. Center and Periphery. 2024;19(1):99—104. EDN ZTCXCY




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Information about the author:

Ruslan V. Nekrasov, Associate Professor of Department of Fine Arts and Design of Sorokin Syktyvkar State University (55 Oktyabrsky Avenue, Syktyvkar 167001, Russia), Candidate of Art Criticism, ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9496-2715, kebrarus78@yandex.ru


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The article was submitted 20.10.2023; approved after reviewing 01.12.2023; accepted for publication 08.12.2023.